Locate a nearby GOAT using the app. When you’re ready to ride, it’s just $1 to unlock & $0.15/minute to ride.

Locally owned & operated fleets of GOAT scooters are available in cities and campuses across America and Europe. By empowering local owner/operators, GOAT brings dockless electric scooters to locations where larger ride share companies aren’t yet available.

Just download the GOAT app, find a scooter near you and start your ride!

To initiate your ride:

Locate a GOAT nearby and start the ride using your app. To begin forward motion, place one foot on the footboard and use the other foot to push off from the ground 2-3 times while pressing down on the accelerator.

Keep your left hand on the break lever ready to push down, at all times, should you need to slow down or stop. Keep both feet on the footboard while riding.

Ride responsibly using bike lanes when available.

Once your ride is complete, lock your GOAT using the app by “ending your ride”. Please be sure to leave your GOAT in a safe, visible place in the upright position, out of the way for pedestrians and those with mobility issues.

Our support staff is available through the app and we’d be happy to help if you have any issues.

Otherwise, Ride GOAT, experience your city & support local business!


Locally owned & operated fleets of
GOAT scooters are available in S.W. Florida.


The is the coolest thing to come to Southwest Florida in my 15 years of living here. I can’t wait until these scooters are everywhere so everyone can ride them.

Ty Belford